"At Intellectual Profit, we are dedicated to helping our clients generate revenue from their investments in Intellectual Property."

Patent Brokerage

Patents can hold surprising value. When properly evaluated and marketed, this value can be realized. We can help you determine what your options are and what the market for your patents might look like. Our team can also take the lead on deals, driving them from initial discussions, to serious negotiations, to a successful closing and final payment.

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Patent Enforcement and Licensing

Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes the best course of action in the patent world. With the help of Intellectual Profit’s litigation support services, however, litigation doesn’t have to be as painful as you might imagine.

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Strategic Intellectual Property Consulting

“Sell” or “sue” aren’t the only options available to you. Instead, there are a number of strategies that might work best for you, depending on your situation. We can help you create a comprehensive plan for management of your IP assets, and can help you move forward prudently and cost-effectively.

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                Driving Return on Your IP Investment.