Patent Brokering

As you might imagine, selling a patent is not the same as selling the average asset. What exactly you have in a particular patent can be unclear, and the right buyers can be hard to identify.

That’s where we come in.

Through careful analysis based on decades of experience, we can come to a well-defined understanding of 1) what your patent covers, 2) which existing products or services may infringe it, and 3) which potential buyers might have an interest in obtaining a license for it.

After this process is complete, we are able to create a sales package for your patents that is informative and compelling (for samples, please click here). We then send this package to the most promising prospects we have identified.

Based on the market’s response to these solicitations, you can gain an accurate understanding of what your IP assets are worth. If any responses merit follow-up, we can take the lead on negotiating an appropriate transaction, and ultimately close a deal that meets with your approval.

You’ve already done the hard work of invention. Let us help you realize the rewards of your efforts.

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                Driving Return on Your IP Investment.