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Patent Enforcement and Licensing

Sometimes, in infringement situations, reaching a settlement is only a matter of negotiation. At other times, however, a more firm approach is needed to achieve the right result, which means litigation.

We know, we know. This might sound like the very last thing you want to get involved in. But we have a few ways to take the sting out of litigation:


1. No up-front costs
With Intellectual Profit, patent enforcement litigation doesn’t require any up-front costs. Instead, our recommended attorneys employ contingent fee payment structures. If they don’t recover any funds, you don’t pay.

This takes the financial risk off of your shoulders, and makes it easier for you to pursue your rights in cases where litigation is the most appropriate course of action.

2. Full support services
You also get the benefit of Intellectual Profit’s litigation support services. We don’t hand you off to an attorney and disappear. We stay right in the thick of things, helping you make prudent decisions, manage legal matters, and remain comfortably in control of the litigation process.

Patent litigation can yield significant returns, but it is by nature a long and risky road. Let Intellectual Profit work to make the process a rewarding one.

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