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Strategic Intellectual Property Consulting

Each client has a different set of needs and concerns. When consulting, our job is to create a customized strategy for that addresses these needs and concerns appropriately. We can provide guidance on any of the following issues:

  • What does my patent cover, and how can I strengthen weaknesses in my patent portfolio?
  • Which competitors might be infringing on my patents, or whose patents might I be infringing?
  • Where is patent coverage lacking?
  • What transactional strategy is best for my portfolio?
  • Is litigation right for me?
  • Are my patent filings appropriate? Are there additional filings I need to submit?
  • Are there any changes in law or market circumstances of which I should be aware?

We can also provide guidance on any other concerns you might have with respect to your patent portfolio. At Intellectual Profit, technological, legal, and business expertise are all brought together to design optimal strategies for our clients, regardless of their unique needs.

If you would like to hear more about the options available to you regarding your intellectual property portfolio, please reach out to us.

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